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SOLAR EVA™ SOLAR ASCE™Photovoltaic encapsulants

  • SOLAR EVA™ SOLAR ASCE™ (Photovoltaic encapsulants)
  • Solar power has been spotlighted as a shining example of clean energy. Photovoltaic encapsulant sheets prevent water and dirt from in ltrating solar modules and serve as shock-absorbers that protect the cell.

    We were there when solar energy first came to light and as pioneers on the frontiers of photovoltaics we've been providing SOLAR EVA™ ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) base encapsulating sheets since the 1980s. Our business has grown in step with the development of solar technology and over the years we've supplied high quality products to solar module manufacturers across the globe.
    One of our more recent developments include the newly marketed SOLAR ASCE™ next-generation high-performance polyolefin encapsulant.


  • Weather resistance were added for use in severe environments with sunshine.

    Excellent durability (high temperature, high humidity, and weather resistance)

    Excellent adhesive bonding to glass, cell, and back side film (backsheet)

    Excellent encapsulating properties during the lamination process

    Excellent optical transmission and transparency

    Excellent flexibility, protecting cells from physical stress during the lamination process

  • SOLAR EVA™ SOLAR ASCE™ (Photovoltaic encapsulants)

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