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MintRow™Heat-resistant release film for semiconductor molding process

  • MintRow™ (Heat-resistant release film for semiconductor molding process)
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    ■Heat-resistance ■Releasability ■Followability ■Eco-friendly

    MintRow™ is the film with excellent heat-resistance and releasability. By using special resin and our experienced manufacturing technology, MintRow™ achieves high followability and workable in high-heat conditions. Additional various features can be applied to meet market requirements. MintRow™ is Si-free and halogen-free, allowing the film to be an eco-friendly material.



Can be used in process condition of around 200℃


MintRow™ shows great releasability on various materials


Good followability to various mold shape is observed at molding temperature


It is Si free and halogen free. MintRow™ also weighs 60% less than release films in the market, contributing to reduction of CO2 during transportation of material.


■Release film for semiconductor molding process

*We also have ICROS™ that is used for semiconductor manufacturing process

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