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Mitsui Masking Tape™Surface protection tape

  • Mitsui Masking Tape™ (Surface protection tape)
  • Mitsui Masking Tape™ is used to protect the surfaces of touch panel materials such as ITO films during the manufacturing process. Environmentally friendly water-based acrylic adhesive delivers superior stability after curing under pressure and excellent peel performance at high speeds. We are now tapping into the broader Asian market where demand has been on the rise in recent years.

    □Weather resistance test
    Weather resistance test

[Advantages of Mitsui Masking Tape]

Superior weather resistance
We use special acrylic adhesive. So it has better weather resistance than rubber adhesive.

Superior stability after aging under pressure
It is easy to peel off even after aging under pressure. So you can choose strong adhesion grade tape.

It has excellent peel performance at fast speed. So it is easy to operate it.

We have various width tape up to 1,600 mm. So it can be applied to fit wide surfaces.


  1. When ordering masking tape, please choose the most suitable product for your application. Our technical support team will recommend the optimum one by testing your surface sample and studying your using condition. Please consult us.
  2. Please store the masking tape in a well-ventilated room below 40℃, and away from sunlight. Please use it as soon as possible after delivery, because long-term storage may affect quality of it.
  3. After you applied the masking tape, please remove it within the period of weather resistance specified in the table of physical properties. Beyond this period, some adhesive residue may remain on the surface after peeling. Three hundred hours of weather resistance equals a period of one year in most areas of Japan.
  4. Please do not apply to copper or brass surfaces. The adhesive may change the color of copper or brass surfaces because of chemical reaction.
  5. When applying masking tape by hand, please stretch both ends of the tape in opposite directions to prevent air bubbles between the surface and the tape. We recommend using a laminator if possible.

Table of physical properties

Physucal Properties[PDF]Physucal Properties[PDF]

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