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TLTransparent vapor deposition film

  • TL (Transparent vapor deposition film)
  • TL is a transparent deposition film made with aluminum oxide deposited onto a PET film. It's a completely colorless, totally transparent product with great barrier performance that locks in aromas. It's ideal for microwavable applications.


Packaging for traditional Japanese sweets and pastries, dried or pickled horsd'oeuvres, processed marine products, meat (sliced ham and bacon), retort packaged foods, etc.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Coating WVTR O2TR Features/Applications
PET grade H 12 1.5 15 Non-coated
For boiling and retort use
HP 12 Deposited side 1.5 15 Coated type
For printing
HP-BR 12 Deposited side 1.5 15 For printing (coated type)
For boiling and retort use


  1. WVTR is the standard value for water vapor transmission rate expressed in g /m2 /day (40℃, 90% RH).
  2. O2TR is the standard value for oxygen transmission rate expressed in ml/m2/day/MPa (20℃, 90% RH).
  3. We recommend dry lamination. Make sure processing conditions are adequate when performing extrusion lamination.

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