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Protect products and enhance appealPackaging Solution

Superior quality backed by the know-how needed to deliver the right functionsSuperior quality backed by the know-how needed to deliver the right functions

  • In the packaging solution business, we make a wide variety of films and sheets, from high quality films for wrapping the necessities of daily life, to foam sheets indispensable to logistics.
    In the field of product packaging, diversification of lifestyles has increased the need for processed and precooked foods, triggering a dramatic shift in the properties required of films, such as simple cooking, long-term storage, and universal design. Furthermore, it has become extremely important to make efforts to realize a sustainable future society, such as addressing environmental problems and reducing food loss. We will provide solutions to the world that contribute to solving social challenges by integrating chemistry and processing technology.

  • Packaging Solution

Properties required for high-performance packaging materials

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