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Oct. 2010 Tohcello Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Chemicals Fabro Inc. (excluding its Household and Personal Care Products Division) integrate to form Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.
Apr. 2011 Inherited ICROS™TAPE operations (ultra clean protective tape for silicone wafer back-grinding process in IC manufacturing) from Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. through business separation.
Apr. 2011 Established MCTI SCIENTEX SOLAR SDN. BHD. (head office: Melaka, Malaysia) - joint venture company with SCIENTEX BERHAD (head office: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) to manufacture encapsulant sheets for solar panels (SOLAR EVA™).
Oct. 2011 Established MC TOHCELLO (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. (head office: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) to sell products of MCTI SCIENTEX SOLAR.
Apr. 2012 Upgraded to business "sector" from a "division" of Mitsui Chemicals Inc,(MCI) to optimize and expand functional films/sheets business within MCI group. Consequently, inherited new products market development function of Functional films/sheets from MCI.
Apr. 2012 Established Siam Tohcello Co., Ltd. (head office: Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate(Rayong), Thailand)-joint venture company with SCG-Chemicals Co., Ltd. (head office: Bangkok, Thailand) to manufacture and sales of highly functional LLDPE Film (T.U.X™).
Apr. 2016 Koga Works integrated into Ibaraki Works to strengthen competitiveness of packaging film business.
Nov. 2017 Established Taiwan Tohcello Functional Sheet, Inc. (head office: Kaohsiung Park, Southern Taiwan Science Park (Kaohsiung City) , Taiwan) to manufacture and sell ICROS™ Tape, a tape for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • History of Tohcello Co., Ltd.
    Jan. 1929 Tokyo Cellophane Co., Ltd. established as a company to manufacture and distribute cellophane (capital : 100 thousand yen ).
    Feb. 1934 Established Oji Factory ( later Tokyo Factory ).
    Sep. 1936 Merged with Nippon Viscous Industry Co., Ltd., and designated it as our Hamamatsu Factory.
    Oct. 1961 Listed stock on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    Nov. 1961 Started manufacturing vinylon films at Hamamatsu Factory.
    Aug. 1964 Started manufacturing cast polypropylene films at Tokyo Factory.
    Oct. 1969 Tohcello Chemical Co., Ltd. established, started production of cast polypropylene films.
    Aug. 1970 Established the Ibaraki Factory ; started manufacturing cast polypropylene films and coating processing.
    Jul. 1971 Increased capital to 1 billion yen ; Mitsui Petrochemical Industries, Ltd. ( current Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. ) became top shareholder : started manufacturing oriented polypropylene films at the Ibaraki Factory.
    Apr. 1982 Initiated the Hamakita Factory ; started manufacturing metallized films.
    Oct. 1982 Started manufacturing polyethylene films at the Hamakita Factory.
    Oct. 1993 Merged with Tohcello Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shin-Tohcello Shoji Co., Ltd. and changed company name to Tohcello Co., Ltd. ( capital : 2,370 million yen ).
    May. 1998 Head Office and Tokyo sales branch moved to new office in the Kashiwabara Bldg. in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
    Nov. 2000 Established Tokushima Tohcello Film Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary in which decided to install new BOPP No.7 machine.
    Jan. 2005 Increased capital to 3.45 billion yen by public offering.
    Apr. 2006 Merged with Shikoku Tohcello Co., Ltd. and Tokushima Tohcello Film Co., Ltd., and changed company name to Shikoku Tohcello Co., Ltd. ( now a consolidated subsidiary )( capital 450 million yen )
    Jul. 2007 Consolidated Hamakita Factory and Hamamatsu Factory and renamed Hamamatsu Factory.
    Apr. 2008 Merged with a wholly-owned subsidiary Tohcello Pax Co.,Ltd.
    Apr. 2009 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of MITSUI CHEMICALS, INC. through a share exchange.
    Apr. 2010 Inherited Opulent™ (release film for printed circuit boards) operations from Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. through business separation.
  • History of Mitsui Chemicals Fabro, Inc.
    Sep. 1972 Seal and lining operations launched with establishment of Hi-Sheet Industries Ltd.
    Oct. 1972 Anjo Resin Co., Ltd. established for manufacturing foam sheets
    Oct. 1978 Automotive interior business launched
    Oct. 1979 Sales of Mitsui Masking Film by Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, Inc. started
    Oct. 1988 EVA sheet operations started
    Nov. 2000 Seal and lining production overhauled
    Nov. 2002 ISO 9001 acquired
    Apr. 2005 Mitsui Chemicals Fabro, Inc. established via a merger with Mitsui Kagaku Platech Co., Ltd. (including operations for household and personal care products, foam sheets, and Mitsui Masking Film)
    Oct. 2006 Production capacity for EVA sheets increased with launch of a two-plant
    Jul. 2007 ISO14001 acquired
    Jul. 2009 EVA sheet production boosted by new manufacturing facility
    Oct. 2010 Transformed into a pure-play company focused on household and personal care products

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