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T.A.F.™Cast co-extruded multilayer film

  • T.A.F.™ (Cast co-extruded multilayer film)
  • This is a cast co-extruded multilayer polyolefin film formed by extruding different types of synthetic resins into a single composite. The synergy between the different functions of each layer yields superior performance. It can be used either as a sealant or film. When used as a sealant it provides ultra-low temperature heat sealability and eliminates the need for any anchor coating. Film applications feature superior printability, heat resistance, and matting.


Packaging for bread, pastries, noodles, snacks, traditional Japanese sweets and pastries, frozen desserts, bath powders, etc.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Features/Applications
502C 20,25,30,
Inside Heat sealable at ultra low temperature
Anchor coat-free 511 20,25,30,
Anchor coating is unnecessary in PE sandwich lamination.
522 25 Heat sealable at ultra low temperature
For noodles 560C Inside 25,30,40 Inside For inner bags of noodle products
560C Outside 25,30,40 Outside For inner bags of noodle products
For bread 505M 30 Matte film
For easy-open bread packaging
505MC 30 Inside Matte film
Corona treated 505M
506C 30 Inside Pastry packaging
509MC 30 Inside Matte film
Special types 591C 30,40 Inside Good cold resistance and transparency
592C 40,50 Inside Produced by adding antistatic properties to 591C


  1. For 502C and 522, keep the aging and storage temperatures to 40°C or lower.
  2. For 505M, 505MC and 506C, keep the storage temperature to 40℃ or lower.
  3. 592C are designed to be used as a film.

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