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OPBiaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film

  • OP (Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film)
  • This is a biaxially-oriented film made from polypropylene (BOPP film). It provides outstanding strength, rigidity, transparency and gloss on top of superior moistureproof properties. We offer a wide range of films with a variety of functions, such as heat sealability, all made possible by the film's multilayer structure. These films are mainly used for food, clothing, household, and personal care products.


Packaging for rice crackers, snack foods, frozen desserts, instant noodles, frozen foods, processed marine products, fresh vegetables, traditional Japanese sweets and pastries, rice balls, sweet buns, textile products (shirts and underwear), sundry goods, stationery, overwrap for candy boxes, CDs and DVDs, adhesive tape, etc.

General purpose film

Widely used as cover/base paper in general applications.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Features/Applications
U-0 20 --- For transfer printing
U-1 (18),20,25,
Inside For general printing, lamination, and partial coating
U-2 20 Both sides Both sides are printable and laminatable.
Non-antistatic grade M-1 20 Inside For general printing and lamination
(aluminum sandwich lamination)
M-2 20 Both sides Same properties as M-1 only both sides
are printable and laminatable.
ME-1 20 Inside For general printing and lamination
(improved lamination strength)
  • (Note) U-1 comes in widths of 400 mm and up
Multilayer heat sealable film

This is a BOPP film with a unique multilayer structure that makes it heat sealable on either one or both sides.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Sealability Features/Applications
Single-sided Heat sealable HC-OP 20,25,30,
Inside Outside Low temperature sealability
For automated packaging and bag manufacturing.
Heat sealable
WH-OP OW-1 20,25 Inside Both sides For outer wrapping
(overwrap) on packages for chewing gum,
steamed bean-jam buns, and more
25,30 Inside Both sides Low temperature sealability
(For overwrap)
WH-OP F-1 20,25 Inside Both sides Outside: low temperature sealability,
Inside: antifogging properties


  1. HC-OP comes in widths of 400 mm and up.
  2. Please check with us first about delivery for products whose thicknesses appear in parentheses.
Special film

A BOPP film whose unique multilayer structure provides various functions that make it perfect for a wide range of applications.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Sealability Features/Applications
Matte grade OP Matte-1 20 Inside Matting treatment and antifogging properties on outside
25,30 Inside Outside Matting treatment and heat sealability on inside
WH-OP FM-0 25 Both sides Matting treatment and low temperature heat sealability on both sides
Highly moisture-proof grade WH-OP HE-1 20 Inside Moisture permeability is about 50% of general grade BOPP film
No antistatic properties on side without corona treatment
Improved lamination strength
Keep-fresh grade NFHC-SP
20,25,30,40 Both sides Both sides Keep-fresh, Antifogging

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