Protective tape for the silicon wafer circuit surface during the water back-grinding process,"ICROS ™ TAPE" by Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

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Why ICROS Tape?

Manufacturing Capacity & Production

The cleanest tape in the industry gets a new factory

The new facility translates into immediate and tangible benefits including:

  • Advanced production
  • Improved tape TTV
  • Longer shelf life
  • Cleanest tape in the industry
  • Exclusive for ICROS™ TAPE means no cross contamination
  • Fast lead times


Advanced Production

Through the production process, Mitsui Chemicals adheres to a strict QC System eliminating foreign matter and defects producing high performance solutions. All components are produced at the facility.


Clean room:class<10,000
      actual class<100
      Adhesive coating<300
throughout the manufacturing process

■Production technology
Base Film Manufacturing
→ Precise extruding technology
Special Resin Layer
→ Design, Synthesis & Compounding of Resins
Adhesive Coating
→ Precise coating system

Inline-Thickness Monitoring Auto-Thickness Control → Uniform Thickness

Advantages of ICROS Manufacturing Team

  • Very strict Quality Control system as well as the world-class safety environment.
  • Repeated internal education (on-the-job training) as well as acquiring new certificates and skills for employees.
  • Conducting daily improvement activities for producing better quality products.
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