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Key Technologies

Building on Key Technologies to Unlock the Future of Film and SheetsBuilding on Key Technologies to Unlock the Future of Film and Sheets

Resin Formulation and Layer Structure Design
  • Know-how and technologies for required product functions

    Technologies for formulating resin, coating agents, and various additives

    Technologies for optimizing the structure and composition of each film layer

    スキン層:粘着性など コア層:剛性など 背面層:離形性など
  • Resin formulation and layer structure design

Skin layer: adhesiveness, etc. Core layer: rigidity, etc. Back-side layer: release propertiesV, etc.

Processing Technologies
  • Multilayer Co-extrusion Technology
    Multilayer Co-extrusion Technology

    Used to simultaneously co-extrude more than one type of resin using a multilayer die and then process it into a laminated film with various functions.

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  • Orientation Technology
    Orientation Technology

    Used to stretch reheated film and align the molecules for transparency, stiffness, and various other properties.

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  • Coating Technology
    Coating Technology

    Used to apply various coating agents to films and sheets in order to give them added functions such as barrier, adhesive, and release properties.

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  • Vapor Deposition Technology
    Vapor Deposition Technology

    Used to deposit metal or inorganic substances on films or sheets in order to give them functions that block out oxygen, water vapor, and light.

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  • Sheet Molding Technology
    Sheet Molding Technology

    Used to evenly knead various additives into a resin, forming a sheet with a uniform thickness, whose surface is then imprinted with a specific pattern depending on how it's to be used.

  • Foaming Technology
    Foaming Technology

    Used to generate sheets with uniform foam layers for added cushioning and other required product functions.

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