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V BARRIER™PVDC coated transparent high-barrier film

  • V BARRIER™ (PVDC coated transparent high-barrier film)
  • V BARRIER™ is a transparent high-barrier film with industry-leading moisture proofing and oxygen barrier performance for dried foods to medium/high-moisture content foods. Its outstanding barrier performance prevents moisture entering dried foods such as cookies and crackers, prevents oxidation, and enables the preservation of delicacies, semi-perishable sweets, and other medium- to high-moisture content foods in their initial state (prevents drying) for a long period of time. V BARRIER™ can also be expected to preserve the aroma of the food itself, preventing the transfer of smells from other foods.

    Exhibits a stable barrier performance after processing (printing, laminating, bagging), transporting and can be used in various forms of packaging.

    Can be used with water-based printing.

    Suitable for the packaging of dried foods to medium/high-moisture content foods (less than 0.9 water activity)


Packaging of edible seaweed, dried mushrooms, seasonings, spices, tea, coffee, dried fruits, pastries, cookies, crackers, wafers, peanuts, Japanese and Western confectionery, pet foods, fish flakes, delicacies, emergency rations, medical products, electronic components, etc.

V BARRIER™ (PVDC coated transparent high-barrier film)V BARRIER™ (PVDC coated transparent high-barrier film)

Chapter Unit Measurement Conditions V BARRIER
Water vapor permeability g/m2・day 40℃ 90%RH 0.2
Oxygen permeability ml/m2・day・MPa
20℃ 0%RH 0.8
20℃ 90%RH 0.8
Lamination peel strength N/15mm 90° 1.8
180° 2.2
  • Composition: V BARRIER #12//T.U.X FCS #50
  • Adhesive: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc A-310/A-3 3g/m2
  • Note: While the figures here are typical values, your figures could vary.

Barrier performance change for stretchBarrier performance change for stretch

Barrier performance change for stretch

  • Note: The figures here are reference values.

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