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CPCast polypropylene film

  • CP (Cast polypropylene film)
  • This cast film employing polypropylene as a raw material features moderate elasticity, heat sealability, excellent machine suitability, plus superior moistureproof and wear-resistant (abrasion resistant) properties. It is commonly used for laminated packaging. Film with enhanced heat resistance and impact resistance performance designed for retort products is also available. It can also be used for film applications.


Packaging for traditional Japanese sweets and pastries, snacks, instant noodles, pastries, retort-pouch food products, textile products (shirts and underwear), sundry goods, etc.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Features/Applications
General grade
S ,SC (20),25,30,40,50 Inside
(SC only)
Standard type; 20-µm film is only available in S
For packaging confectioneries, bread and pastries, textile products, etc.
General grade
W-X 25,30,40 S film with improved cold resistance
For packaging confectioneries, bread and pastries, textile products, etc.
Lamination grade
GLC (18),20,25,30,40,50,60 Inside Low temperature sealable
Retort RXC-22 50,60,70,80,100 Inside For high-retort pouch
Enhanced for impact resistance and heat-sealing strength (135℃ or lower)
Special grade UC 25,30,40 Inside Antistatic W-X film
For dry lamination


  1. Please check with us in advance about vacuum/degassing packaging.
  2. Please check with us first about delivery for products whose thicknesses appear in parentheses.

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