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MAXBARRIER™Transparent high-barrier film

  • MAXBARRIER™ (Transparent high-barrier film)
  • Applying our unique vapor deposition and coating technologies to the base PET film, we made this transparent film with outstanding barrier performance that's as good as aluminum foil. MAXBARRIER™ picks up where aluminum foil leaves off to meet a variety of different needs, like inspecting for foreign substances with a metal detector, microwaving packaged contents, or checking the contents without opening the package.

    Maintains oxygen barrier performance in high-humidity environment

    Boil and retort ready *

    • * Please confirm the content and sterilization condition in advance.


Retort-pouch foods, medical supplies, electronic products, etc.

MAXBARRIER™ (Transparent high-barrier film)

  Unit Measurement Conditions R Type
Oxygen permeability ml/m2/day MPa
(cc/m2/day atm)
20℃ 0%RH 0.8(0.08)
20℃ 90%RH 0.8(0.08)
Water vapor permeability g/m2/day 40℃ 90%RH 0.3
Lamination peel strength N/15mm 90° 2.0
180° 2.0
  • Composition: MAXBARRIER™ #12//TUX FCS #50
  • Adhesive: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. A310/A3 3g/m2
  • Note: While the figures here are typical values, your figures could vary.

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