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PAULOWNIA™SuperFoam molded polypropylene (PP) sheet,
expanded 2 times

  • PAULOWNIA™Super (Foam molded polypropylene (PP) sheet, expanded 2 times)
  • This is polypropylene foam sheet (expanded 2 times) with closed cell foam extrusion.
    It is expanding the demand as a better alternative to plywood, corrugated plastic and foam molded polyvinyl chloride sheets. It is highly rigid and resistant to impact, water, and chemicals. And it is light-weight and has excellent workability.


■ Major applications
Better multi-purpose materials alternative to wood and high-grade plastics in a wide array of applications, including commodity distribution and manufacturing.

Table of Standards

■ PAULOWNIA™ Super(standard products)

Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Package(sheets) Color Corona treatment
5.0 1,120 2,220 3 White
8.0 2
10.0 1
  • *Please consult us about special order products. Thickness range : 3-12mm
  • *Printability depends on printing conditions. Please ask us first.

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